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If Children Don't Need Their Drugs, Neither Do You.

Saul in the woods

It's easy as parents to get caught up in our roles as teachers and overlook what our children are teaching us.

Saul is now four and he's at an age of innocence, magic and wonder.

Everything seems amazing to him.

From a woodlouse, to making smoothies, to splashing around in puddles.

His enthusiasm and wonder seems neverending.

Many of us become conditioned as we get older to let go of our dreams.

Instead we accept a mundane world of mediocrity with many turning to drugs and alcohol as the accepted form of recreation.

I remember reading an interview with Porcell from the bands Shelter and Youth of Today in which he was asked about his views on Straight Edge and being drug free.

He summed it up as "if ten year old Porcell didn't need drugs or alcohol then the adult Porcell doesn't either."

I completely agree with this sentiment.

The thought of giving those things to my children seems absurd so why would it be positive for adults.

Children look at the world in a way that is untainted and magical.

They literally have that PMA.

Yet as adults we have a tendency to become lost and jaded in our strive to be "normal". Your dreams are your own.

Pursue them with every ounce of your being and don't let cultural "norms" or the alcohol and tobacco industries make you believe you need their products to be who you want to be.

My children don't need them.

And neither do you.

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