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Letter To My Future Self

school picture from when I was 11

Around this age I wrote a letter to my future self.

I listed all the things I found cool at the time. Horror movies, punk/rock music, walks with my dog, friends, etc, along with a request to my future self to always stay true to who I was and never sell out.

Over the years, I've gone through various ups and downs.

I've made mistakes.

Hopefully I've learned from them and become a better person.

But one thing has always remained true.

The magic of childhood. The willingness to dream and be open to infinite possibility. The feeling of Saturday morning TV. The smell of freshly cut grass in the summer.

Whatever that is. It's pure gold.

It's the REAL reason I'm straight edge.

Because I love the magic of life so much I never want to "grow up" and conform to a mundane adult world created by people so bitter, miserable, and unsatisfied with their own lives they feel the need to project that misery onto others.

We make it up.

So I choose to create a life full of 80s nostalgia, healthy vegan foods, Stranger Things, Karate Kid & Rocky IV soundtracks, dreams and possibility.

It's who I am.

It's my truth.

I might not conform to everyone else's expectations of me. I never have.

But to the 11 year old version of me, to the person who wrote that letter all those years ago, I can safely say...

I never sold out.

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