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Vegan Straight Edge - Forever X True

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Vegan Straight Edge

23 years ago, I made a commitment to a lifestyle that means so much more than adhering to a few simple principles.

I choose not to drink alcohol because I don't want to poison my body with a substance that has NO beneficial effects, only risks. Listed as the third leading cause of death by the journal of the American Medical Association, I've seen firsthand the damage alcohol can do. Coming from a family with a history of alcohol dependency, I choose not to support an industry whose only interest is profit at the expense of others.

I choose not to consume tobacco for the same reasons.

I choose not to consume drugs, INCLUDING Marijuana, because I don't need a mind altering substance to feel high. I'm HIGH ON LIFE. And contrary to popular opinion, the risks far outweigh the benefits, and yes, that includes Marijuana.

I choose not to be promiscuous because I respect both myself and others.

But it's less about my choice not to partake in those things, and more about the life I choose...

Love, family, friends, nature, music, 80s & 90s nostalgia, stargazing, horror movies, bmxing, creativity, the list goes on.


That path is Straight Edge, and for me, it's one way - a lifetime commitment to that which keeps me free.

Forever true.


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