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Be Yourself

cloudy skies

In recent years I've found myself spending less time in cities and urban environments and more time in nature.

Maybe it's having kids, getting older, or reconnecting more to my true self but certain things just don't appeal to me in the way they did when I was younger.

These days it's less about "things" and more about nature, plants, family, woodsmoke, sunsets, abandoned rural buildings/junkyards, woodcarving, walks, campervans, forests etc.

A vegan straight edge hardcore kid who has stereotypically hippie/redneck interests is a weird mix.

I often feel out of place at certain social gatherings as I don't fit the stereotype.

Breaking down stereotypes is important.

It's ok to be straight edge and listen to everything but hardcore.

Or be ethical or vegan and not dress alternative.

Do what you want. Be yourself. But don't let other people make you feel you have to conform to a certain stereotype.


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