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Wild Nettle

wild nettle

Wild Stinging Nettles not only contain more vitamins and minerals than Spinach but they're free.

Tonight the boys and I had fresh steamed wild Nettles with Mushrooms, Mixed Vegetables, Quinoa, Black Beans and Potatoes.

nettle, celery, & carrots

We used the Instant Pot to steam the nettles, vegetables and black beans with 1 cup of water for 1 minute and then did an immediate pressure release.

nettle, celery, carrots, and mushrooms

We then added previously cooked Quinoa and served it up with Potatoes.

baked potato, quinoa, black beans, and vegetables

There's no need to throw away the steaming water as the addition of Celery and Mushrooms gives it a natural salty flavour and it contains essential nutrients.

100% Wholefoods

100% Plant Based

100% Oil & Salt Free


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