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The Best Carob Powder We've Found...

carob hot chocolate

I first tried Carob around 18 years ago.

It was a Vegan Carob Bar from our local health food store and it was awful.

I'd once tried the dogs "chocolate" treats as a kid and this tasted pretty much the same. Tasteless and chalky.

Later, I tried giving Carob another go, this time making a Carob Fudge Cake, and again, using Carob Powder bought from the local health store.

The cake didn't turn out too bad, most likely because the sweetness of the sugar was masking the taste of Carob.

I pretty much thought Carob tasted like crap until around 2008 when I bought some from a raw food company.

This Carob was completely different in both colour and taste. Much lighter and sweeter than the Carob I was used to.

It turns out the Carob I'd bought from the health food store was the dark roasted variety, which in all honesty, tastes like shit.

The raw variety is much lighter and has a taste very similar to chocolate.

So for anyone who's written off Carob, make sure you've tried the "raw" or "light" version first.

The best carob powder we've found is from Forest Whole Foods or Buy Whole Foods Online (in the UK).

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