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Non-Hardcore Straight Edge Bands, Artists, & Musicians...

Updated: Apr 25

rock band

A list of non-hardcore straight edge bands, artists, and musicians (non hardcore bands with straight edge members at the bottom)…

Post below or drop me an email if there's anyone you want added.


Don Diablo - Electronic/Dance style music. Don's never done drugs or alcohol in his life, and refers to himself as straight edge in this interview.


Grey Gordon - Vegan Straight Edge acoustic emo. Check out this version of Firestorm for something different!

Nothing, Nowhere - Emo, pop punk. Joseph Edward Mulherin is vegan straight edge.


The Strange Cousin - Awesome experimental & ambient rock.


Moon Bandits - Vegan Straight Edge anarcho folk-punk.

XTRUENATUREX - Acoustic side-project of documentary filmmaker Keeghan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What the Health)

Hip Hop

Lil Tofu - Vegan Straight Edge side project of Joseph Edward Mulherin (Nothing, Nowhere).

Naj One - Vegan Straight Edge hip from the early 2000s.

Promoe - Vegan straight edge hip hop

XEdge With The DreadsX - Vegan Straight Edge Hip Hop.

XForgotten FrequencyX - Vegan Straight Edge hip hop from Franklin, New Hampshire. Check out:


Sparkbird - Uplifting piano-pop from queer vegan straight edge songwriter, Stephen Nance.


Shelter - Pop sounding hardcore punk, especially the Beyond Planet Earth album which includes elements of ska. featuring Ray Cappo and John Porcelly from Youth of Today.

Values Here - Positive and uplifting hardcore punk with a pop twist. Female singer and very melodic. All members are straight edge and veggie.


Non-Hardcore Music With Straight Edge Members


AFI - Gothic emo, horror punk (singer Davey Havok & guitarist, Jade Puget are straight edge. Davey is also vegan and Jade is vegetarian)

Funeral For A Friend - Emo (singer Matt Davies is vegan straight edge)

Hawthorne Heights - Emo (singer J.T. Woodruff is straight edge)


As It Is - Pop punk (lead singer Patty X Walters is straight edge)

Black Train Jack - Pop Punk/skatepunk(singer Rob Vitale was straight edge, sadly passed away a few years back)

Hazen Street - Hardcore/punk (Singer Toby Morse is straight edge)

H20 - Hardcore/punk (singer Toby Morse is straight edge)

Nine Lives - Pop-punk/skatepunk (singer Rob Vitale was straight edge, sadly passed away a few years back)

Set Your Goals - Posi pop-punk (Matt Wilson & JR are straight edge)

The Swellers - Melodic punk (brothers Nick & Jonathan Diener, lead singer & drummer, are both straight edge)

Stick To Your Guns - Hardcore/punk, I'm pretty sure all members are straight edge

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