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Max the PMA Vegan Dog!

Max the PMA Vegan Dog!

They say dogs are a mans best friend.

Well, this little guy is one of the best friends ever.

We got him back in 2009 as his previous owner was told by their Landlord they couldn't keep pets.

Since then we've been on countless adventures and walks. We've wandered, explored, and endlessly played catch the ball.

And in the process he's managed to rip up half the fields around Ulverston and the Lake District.

He has a strange habit of placing his ball down and tearing up the surrounding grass. When he's ripped up all the grass from one place he'll move the ball to another place and do the same thing. Over and over again.

You can literally tell if Max has been somewhere by the tufts of dead grass scattered around.

This year marks ten years of Max being with us and although he's greying, his youthfulness is as strong as ever.

Always loyal, always gold, and always with a positive attitude.

Max the "PMA" vegan dog!

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